Bring Back Good Times Advance With Times Achieve Excellence in THL

Bringing Back Former Times

From the first tasting of Gerber non-staple food after the birth of the baby; during school days, the feel of happiness when having Ricola Candy in the mouth to soothe a sore throat; before bed, the aromatic mellow taste of Ovaltine made by dear mom; the birthday gift from dear dad, a small fast running train that was powered by Energizer Batteries; the time spent with several good friends on holidays, a relaxing friendship moment with drinking a cup of Twinings... After more than a half-century, from the days when Taiwan's economy started taking off until the prosperous livelihood at present, those common memories of people's lives with THL have been the greatest force that drives growth for THL.

It has always been the mission of THL Enterprise, "making every family in Taiwan enjoy the world's best products", which provides consumers with the products they love and trust so as to enjoy healthy delicacies and create a perfect life in every household. The Group Chairman David HT Chen of THL recalled that the initial of founding THL Enterprise is the inheritance of my father Chen Hong-bin's concern and love for the land of Taiwan.

A Family-Owned Trading Company Has Achieved 100-Year-Old Business

The predecessor of THL Enterprise is Zhongxing Food founded by Chen Hong-bin in 1949. In fact, before the government relocated to Taiwan, Chen Hong-bin whose family in Sha County, Fujian was a well-known import-export trader that ran a large pulp factory and had trade deals with Taiwan, Japan and other countries in the business ranging from importing the fine porcelain from Japan and the sucrose from Taiwan, as well as exporting the sequoia wood from Fujian to Taiwan, and etc.

In 1949, after the government relocated to Taiwan, the company established a branch office in Hong Kong to pass the traditional Chinese medicine to Taiwan in the view of Chinese medicine environment in Taiwan had medicinal plant materials in scarce supply; afterward, the company became the first leading importers of medicinal plant materials in Dihua Street. Moreover, Zhongxing Food imported and distributed products including Brands Essence of Chicken Drink and Bovril Beef Extract, as well as well-known brands of cereal, butter, and milk powder; furthermore, the company created and own their milk powder brand. In addition, Fruit Marketing Cooperative was established to export Taiwan's citrus, oranges, and other fruits to Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries. Its superb trade capacity became Taiwan's important foundation stone during the era of the economic great leap forward. David HT Chen recalled his father Chen Hong-bin's entrepreneurial spirit and said, "During my childhood, I have followed and learned lessons from my father; ever since I started working, a lot of his mindsets have influenced me a lot. The best reminder my father gave me 'When a bird in a tree lost a feather, you need to find out what happened to the bird!' Is it affected by the weather? Or, natural molt? Or, is the bird sick?" Being careful, diligent and attentive, as well as having the keen observation skills and insight in truth and cause and effect are the company's greatest assets he inherited from his father in the business management.

Group Chairman David HT Chen of THL

Sustainable Inheritance of the Outstanding Spirit of Enterprise

The humanistic spirit that the father left his son as an inheritance is hidden in the birth of the name THL. David HT Chen said: "In 1974, the year of the tiger, my father saw a couplet that contained the words of our names, both my father's and my name, it says " Hunian Hsin Lin Ying Xinyue (meaning: The year of the tiger joyfully celebrates the new month with celebration); Hongnian Tian Qi Hui Zaochun (meaning: "Prosperous new year paints a scene of early spring"); so, the company is named after the words in the couplet, Hsin Lin, which means a joyful celebration." From the first generation of Zhongxing Food until THL Enterprise of the second generation at present that continue the joint hard work for fulfilling the philosophy of excellence in business management; afterward, in response to consumer pulse in the digital era, President Terence Chen who is the third generation of the family built up "Hsin Hsin Galaxy (HHG)", the first distributor only focuses on online sales channel, which has created brilliant and doubled-up sales performance that is also highly praised by David HT Chen. "In terms of commercial activities, it's essential to keep pace with the times and constantly create innovation!" David HT Chen recalled the first mobile phone, which weighed more than 10 kg and was carried by his driver wherever he went, while today's mobile phones have been downsized to make the users hold the world in the palm of the hand. "The world is changing so fast that we all have to speed up the footsteps and keep up with the changes. Also, product marketing thinking needs constant changes for updates! ", an ardent reminder that he often uses to encourage employees. The classical old building, which was the former location address of Zhongxing Food, No.14, Yi 1st Road, Keelung, was a landmark in the Keelung area in the past; it has transformed into a culture and creative cafe featuring taste of times; concurrently, THL that is trusted by consumers and foreign brands has become a leading enterprise with excellent success. All stages of THL have the outstanding performances that are advancing with the times. Walking through the legend of the glorious years in the history, THL Enterprise will continue creating more wonders, the best companion of us all!



Keys to Excellence and Success

A well-known distributor of the nation, Taiwan Hsin Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd., has been deeply rooted in the Taiwan market for more than 60 years; from the initial year with the total capital was merely several million NT dollars and the number of employees was less than 10 people until today's situation with an increasing turnover up to billions NT dollars, and the number of employees is more than 300. The key to the continuous thriving and success of THL lies in talents, diversified marketing channels, and the affirmation given by the world's major original manufactures as well as the word-of-mouth that has created THL with more remarkable excellence every year.

Since 1949, THL Enterprise that has invested in the distribution channel and been under the leadership of David HT Chen, the Founder and the Group Chairman, who has upheld the philosophy of business management, "make changes by product marketing" has increased growth every year, the revenue and profit of the recent five years with the growth momentum that created annual growth of 20%, as well as over 60 distributing brands, it has become the largest professional distributor with a highly internationalized network.

"We were able to make profits that hit record highs in 2014 and 2015; and, this year (2016), we continued to retain the ability to create a new record with our core competencies that lies in the fact of having the three advantages including our most efficient management team, diversified sales channels (spanning the B2B and B2C marketing and supply chain (including logistics), as well as information transparency", said Terence Chen, the President of THL Enterprise.

These three advantages have not only created annual growth; additionally, they are also the biggest elements making THL different from other distributors; furthermore, they are the niches making THL earn the trust of foreign original manufacturers.

Diversified channels create a three-win situation

As a distributor in Taiwan of foreign original manufacturers, the services provided by THL are always far more than that provided by the original manufacturers, and THL has set higher goals to achieve. The President Terence Chen said it proud, "We don't want to be the largest distributor, we are the best, the most efficient, and most effective distributing platform."

The Group Chairman David HT Chen is an entrepreneur who pays attention to details, emphasizes efficiency, and gives strict control; when he faces employees, he is always enthusiastic about the work; he usually encourages employees by the reminder, "If we can't change the products, we make changes by product marketing!", so as to create positive momentum.

Moreover, THL's positive internal momentum has been demonstrated over the advantages of sales channels that provides consumers with retail sales channel for direct purchase at each shopping mall or convenience store; additionally, THL provides B2B sales channel so as to create a three-win situation for the original manufacturers, THL, and the consumers through "diversified channel effect".

At present, THL's diversified sales channel has a wide range covering the shopping malls of the retail channel, online e-commerce, catering, hairdressing, vending machines, etc. President Terence Chen said, this year, THL will actively expand the channels for catering and hairdressing; through our professional team, the products we distribute will enter the domestic channel of catering and hairdressing so as to make people nationwide can enjoy the world's best products.

Sales Director of USA Campbell's Soup Taiwan Branch Jiang Shun-long said, our partnership with THL has started from 2006 until now, the thing that touches me the most is THL's professional team and the commitment they made; what THL has done is not merely being a distributor, it's to go far higher than the goals of the original manufacturers.

In addition to the diversified sales channels, the secret key that THL can earn the recognition given by the overseas original manufacturer is the "transparency of information". The President Terence Chen said, information including the pricing strategies for product prices, estimates profit THL can earn, logistics costs in the supply chain, and etc. is clearly visible to the foreign original manufacturers; also, this is the reason that THL can be a company featuring localization and internationalization.

Comprehensive product effects provide consumers with the best products

The number of products distributed by THL is more than 60, the product line covers food, candy, powder beverage, daily necessities, professional salon, and so on. How does THL make the selection of products?

The President Terence Chen indicated that offering consumer with a much higher purchase price than the price offered by the original manufacturer is not the initial of THL as the distributor; "We want to provide consumers with the best products."; he further stated, "In fact, the number of products we eliminate every year is much higher than the number we want to strive for the distribution. "We never consider those products that are not good enough or not unique for the dealers and the public nationwide.

The President Terence Chen gave some examples, Twinings UK has always been a world-renowned tea brand that manufactures high-end tea products, that's why THL strives for the distributorship in Taiwan. Another brand that we have been contacted for 7 years and finally got the distributorship this year, Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce; although its market share in Taiwan remains small, but after understanding the manufacturing process and the attention the company has paid to every bottle of red pepper sauce are things that don't exist in the market of the nation, we take it a unique product worth introducing to domestic consumers, and we can promote it in the local catering industry.

The products such as Hong Kong Lee Kum Kee and FrieslandCampina from the Netherlands that we have obtained the distributorship this year will be under collaborative mode different from the ones in the past. Besides, THL pays attention to those distributing product for the overall comprehensive effects; for example, if we have the distributorship of the candy product, we can make it combine with cookies because those two kinds of products match well in the sales channel, they can be sold together.

Foster talents and share them with the company's business achievements

THL has been able to stand firm in Taiwan for more than 67 years, the President Terrence Chen said it proudly that professional employees with high enthusiasm are an indispensable element for the achievement.

At present, THL has planned to allow the top-level supervisors to have the opportunity for becoming shareholders as well as share the company's harvest of growth as a reward for their continuous contribution to the company's future development; it is the company's goal of keeping, cherishing talent, and loving talents. In order to continuously expand the company, a sound and good talent system is one of the core competencies that allows good colleagues to have an opportunity for making fulfillment on a better stage and create more outstanding performances; concurrently, it is the key element that makes THL become the most efficient and professional distributor.