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In terms of payment, the three payment methods we offer are as follows:

  • Pay Online with a Credit Card

    The Online Payment System in the Dealer's Exclusive Area, Taiwan Hsin Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd., implements the iePay financial service system provided by Linkuswell Tech. Co., Ltd. THL will not retain any of your important data, which are fully processed by iePay financial service system that directly connects Cathay United Bank for credit card payment verification and transaction. You are ensured with the security of using the function of Pay Online with a Credit Card. The maximum amount of online credit card transaction is NT$20,000.

  • Cash On Delivery (COD)

    Upon the arrival of products ordered sent by the delivery man at the place of receipt, please inspect and confirm that the items received and description of goods on the invoices are correctly matched; then, sign the delivery slip, and the delivery man will collect the payment on behalf of the company at the same time.

  • Afterpay (Monthly Account)

    If you select the monthly account set in the original client contract as the terms of payment for the transaction, the Invoice will be sent to the clients by the company on the same day, the 25th of each month, as payment notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about Orders

  • Q1. I'm wondering when I will get the products I ordered?
  • A: The arrival day at the place of receipt is on the basis of the time you placed the order. For the orders placed and paid for before three 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the products ordered will be delivered to the place of receipt the next day. The orders placed and paid for after three 3 o'clock in the afternoon will be delivered to the place of receipt after 2 days. (The day of arrival is not applicable to delivery in the Hualien and Taitung areas as well as the outlying islands. In the event of weekend holidays or national holidays, all orders will be processed on the same basis, on the day after the working day that is next to the holidays.)
  • Q2. What if I want to make a change once the order is confirmed?
  • A: Once the order placed in the Dealers' Exclusive Area is paid, the order will be sent and confirmed. In case you need to make some alterations or deletions to the confirmed order, please consult our order processing department, and the personnel will be of service to you. If you need to make additions to the order, it is recommended to create a new order and place the additional items you need instead of amending the confirmed order.
  • Q3. What if the products delivered are not the same?
  • A: Clients are recommended to check with the delivery man and inspect the products for confirming the items delivered are correctly matched with the description on the invoice upon receipt of the products. In case the items are not the same, please return the whole shipment without receiving the delivery. If there is a problem, you can contact your THL sales person, who will be of service to you.
  • Q4. I'm wondering what payment methods are available in the Dealers' Exclusive Area?
  • A: The company provides all clients with Pay Online with a Credit Card; however, depending on the payment method set in the contract signed, we will provide additional payment methods, such as Monthly Account or Cash On Delivery (COD).
  • Q5. What if the there is a discovery of product defects, how can I return or exchange the products?
  • A: In case the products need to be returned or exchanged after the discovery of defects, you may contact the THL sales person in charge, who will be of service to you. Or, please call thetoll-free customer service hotline: 0800-095-555,Taiwan Hsin Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd. (02) 2506-7777 or ask your questions. The customer service personnel of the company will make a contact with you at the soonest possible time.

Questions about Payment

  • Q1. I'm wondering if I choose the Monthly Account as the payment method, when will the company send me the payment invoice and notice?
  • A: To all the clients who use Monthly Account as the payment method, the Invoice will be sent to the clients by the company on the same day,the 25th of each month, as payment notice.