Product Information

THL distributes the products that have not only the image of the world's largest brand but also a considerable degree of quality managerial control and sustainable consumption. Moreover, THL also distributes a wide range of products including not only food category but also daily necessities for personal health care and maintenance. We believe that the good quality of life (QOL) resulting from the quality material life; consequently, THL distributes products that are expected to satisfy consumers' demands for materials in their living so as to make everyone's life more fun.


Sales Channel

Physical Channel

  • Department Store:
  • Physical Channel:
  • Convenient Store, Pharmacy, Hypermarket, Hardware Store


  • Internet Platform:
  • Infomercial:

THL has complete product display at all major distribution points in Taiwan
You can refer to the following sales locations or call (02) 2506-7777
THL has company branches in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. If you have group buying needs, please contact me! (Schwarzkopf series of products do not provide group buying service)
THL will provide you with complete sales information and the latest product information! Thank you