Product Information

S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna Mineral Water

S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water:
It's the water designated by the chefs of 80% of Michelin restaurants worldwide. Originated from the small town, San Pellegrino is located 70 km away from the north of Milan. The water resource travels and is filtered through the Alpine Mountains for 30 years. The first bottle was created in 1899. It's a century-old classic brand with a refreshing taste and carries fine bubbles; also, it's adopted by numerous chefs and gourmets as the best water for the meals and suitable for drinking with heavy tasted food or high alcohol wines.

Acqua Panna Natural mineral water:
It is recognized by sommeliers as the best water to be blended with wines. Featuring soft and lovely smooth texture, the water originates from Tuscany region of southern Italy. The water resource has undergone 15 years of precipitation and filtration, and the first bottle was created in 1564. With more than 400 years of history until now, the water was designated by the nobility of Italy-The Medici Family in the Renaissance. The brand logo used today is the family crest of The Medici Family, a symbol of pure lilies.