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The story of 140-year-old family heritage brand originated in 1877 in an Italian town called Parma. The founder Pietro Barilla Senior began Barilla's centenary-old story at a small shop selling bread and pasta. Barilla has been run by the family so far, and its products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world with the commitment of "providing the best food that is also good for our own kids".
Today, Barilla has become a world-renowned food group, a global pasta brand. Barilla believes ─ Food brings people not only sensual enjoyment but also arts. Through Barilla's pasta and pasta sauce as well as other products, people can experience authentic and fabulous Italian food culture. We've been passionately promoting Italian cuisines, culture, and arts and deeply looking forward to people's recognition of Barilla's inherited value for over the 140 years─Passion for life, the pursuit of quality, and respect for tradition.Website