Product Information

Fisherman's Friend

In 1865, the town of Fleetwood in Lancashire, England was the center of the British fishing industry. For sailors of that era, every time they went to sea, they had to bear the wind and the rain. Many sailors were down with coughing, colds and bronchitis, etc., yet still needed to continue working under these conditions.

In order to solve the sailors’ problems, a local pharmacist named James Lofthouse improved his cough syrup into a throat lozenge, making it easy for sailors to carry it on board. This miraculous throat lozenge became the first choice for seafarers in no time. Many sailors called it a "friend" and would refuse to go out to sea without taking it with them. "Fisherman’s Friends" is the name of this product. In Taiwan, we call it “Fei Xueliang”.

Today, Fisherman’s Friends is sold in more than 100 countries. Its popularity has earned it the Queen’s Award for Enterprise three times; it is a brand that many global consumers have come across. ”