Product Information


TABASCO® was founded in 1868 as a registered trademark of McIlhenny Company in Avery Island, State of Louisiana, USA; currently, the company is run by the members of the fifth generation of the McIlhenny Family. The long-fermented TABASCO pepper mash mixed with the mineral salts produced in Avery Island and French white vinegar creates Tabasco's unique flavor, a spicy flavor. Additionally, the mouth-blown bottle with a patented finish, which looks like the bottle of cologne, can drip out the sauce gracefully. TABASCO is popular all over the world for its special flavor and exquisite packaging. For more than 140 years, the McIlhenny Company has been fully dedicated to elevating high-quality products that can enhance the taste of food; it aims to prove the only quality assurance that Tabasco® brand will never compromise.