Product Information

Heinz Baby Food

Heinz Group's subsidiaries are distributed in more than 110 countries and regions around the world. The group's main products including the two major categories, condiments (ketchup, condiments and a variety of sauces) and meals & ready-to-eat foods (baby food, Italian pasta, soup, and frozen food). Heinz Baby Food is one of the top three baby food brands in the world, and it is a leading brand in many European countries. Heinz's nutrition experts adhering to the progressive pace of science and technology have constantly innovated and launched more variety of nutritious food with delicious tastes for babies all over the world. "Heinz", a brand worthy of trust, has concurrently become the preference of more and more parents with different nationalities. The three major guarantees of Heinz Baby food, balanced nutrition, natural and fresh, as well as hygienic, safe and reliable.