Product Information


Haribo is the world's largest manufacturer of gummies. It was founded in 1920 by "Dr. Hans Riegel" in Bonn, Germany (HARIBO = Hans+Riegel+Bonn). In 1946, the business operation was taken over by Riegel's son and the launch of "Gummy Gold Bears" and "Cola Gummies" made the brand become internationally famous. Special raw materials and secret recipe, as well as the manufacturing methods, have created a charming gummy texture. The gummies hit the market with the feature of not adding artificial coloring and not containing trans fat. The founder Riegel is also recognized as the "Father of Gummy Bears."

HARIBO's slogan of the brand spirit, "KIDS AND GROWN-UPS LOVE IT SO, THE HAPPY WORLD OF HARIBO", says that it's adults' and children's favorites, Haribo with happy taste!" and it has rooted deeply in people's mind over many years. Throughout the years, Haribo has won numerous high-quality food or brand award in Germany that guarantee its excellence in quality! The companion of millions of families on the way through countless happy hours.