Product Information


Energizer is the world's top leading brand of battery and stands in the position of leading scientific and technological innovation as well as research and development. It makes two mainstay brands, Energizer and Eveready and provides consumers with complete six product series,including alkaline batteries, carbon-zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, special batteries, and lighting products. Excellent power performance and product quality have made Energize enjoys the reputation spread worldwide. In the Asian area, Energizer and Eveready are the two major leading brands in the individual supply market. Dedicated to creating the best batteries and lighting products in the industry, Energizer understands consumer needs and provides the consumers with the innovative products at the time earlier than other competitors. With a long history and branded assets, the Eveready battery is the world's first battery and flashlight brand with more than a century of history and has accompanied millions of families to spend countless happy hours.