FamilyMart convenience store Let's Café created great sales of 2 million cups of freshly blended hot Twinings.
Aiming at milk tea fans, Twinings tea has launched newly limited winter milk tea

After the collaboration with the British Royal Twinings Tea in early 2018 FamilyMart convenience store Let's Café takes the mocktail which is the current British fashion as the concept and has launched a high-texture freshly blended fruit tea series that created a sale of more than 2 million cups. By taking the advantage of the positive word-of-mouth, the limited winter blended drinks, "Earl Grey Milk Tea" and "Four Red Fruits Milk Tea", were launched in November. They are based on Royal Twinings Earl Grey tea and Four Red Fruit Tea; after a rigorous flavor test by Twinings Tea consultants, adding warm milk to the tea so as to make perfect blending of rich and mellow tea fragrance and aroma. And starting from November 20, the tea drinks will be released in 3,300 stores in Taiwan.